Principles of a Guaranteed Livable Income

We want a non-taxable Guaranteed Livable Income (GLI) to replace our current exploitative and paternalistic welfare system, and reduce inequality in the labour market, without leaving anyone worse off.

We advocate for the following principles in the implementation of a GLI because we believe that only with these conditions can we achieve a true GLI, one that promotes wellbeing and contributes to freedom and equality for all.

Universal A GLI should go to every adult resident with a partial share for each child.

Unconditional A GLI should be given without imposing a work requirement, a means test, or any other condition.

Livable A GLI should be at a level to allow security and dignity.  It should provide the beneficiary a nutritious diet, shelter, transportation, necessary goods and services, allow for discretionary spending and savings to respond to emergencies, and allow full participation in community life.

Individual A GLI should go to each adult member of a household, regardless of relationship status.

No One Worse Off A GLI should not leave anyone in any worse situation.  This means that other necessary public programs must be maintained.  It also means that no income program should be cut until this condition can be met and the older income program becomes obsolete.

For Residents A GLI should be available to every person eligible to work in Canada and their dependents, regardless of their citizenship status.

For Refugees A GLI should be available to all refugees undergoing a claim process.

Publicly Funded A GLI should be funded by government through tax revenue.

Federally Delivered We are working toward a national GLI that will benefit people across the country.